Benefits of Using Lemons in Your Skin Care

Lemon has various health benefits, and when added to your skin routine it can really help to make noticeable changes. NOTE: There are various ways to use lemon in your skin routine including lemon juice, lemon peels (aka the lemon skin), and lemon essential oils. (When using pure lemon juice, be sure to mix it with... Continue Reading →


How Do I Know If A Brand Is Cruelty Free?

Lately there's been a larger mention about cruelty free brands (Brands that don't test their products / ingredients on animals), but unfortunately not every brand is cruelty free (Note a brand/product can be vegan but not cruelty free, and vise versa). So by now you've probably found products you really love and unfortunately some of... Continue Reading →

Beauty Creations Tease Me Matte Lipsticks

Available at: Price: $4.99 (All 20 shades + eyeshadow palette= $94.99) Discount Code: DAISYNA Cruelty Free?: Yes So Beauty Creatipns came out with 20 brand new matte lipsticks that come in a similar packaging to Mac's. A very simple, lightweight bullet form. A noteable difference would be the packaging color, Mac's is a plain black... Continue Reading →

ABH Subculture Palette Dupe

(Photo from The palette above is the famous Anastasia Beverly Hills  Subculture Palette that has gotten plenty of mixed reviews. Some people loved it, and others claimed it was super hard to blend and not worth spending $42 on it. Regardless of whether the palette is amazing or not, not everyone wants to drop... Continue Reading →

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