Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette Dupe

(Photo from Above is the Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette which costs $65 I don't know about you, but I definitely don't have $65 to drop every time a new palette comes out, so a good alternative is always nice to find. Especially one that saves me a lot of money and still preforms … Continue reading Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette Dupe


ABH Subculture Palette Dupe

(Photo from The palette above is the famous Anastasia Beverly Hills  Subculture Palette that has gotten plenty of mixed reviews. Some people loved it, and others claimed it was super hard to blend and not worth spending $42 on it. Regardless of whether the palette is amazing or not, not everyone wants to drop … Continue reading ABH Subculture Palette Dupe

Top 5 Favorite Liquid Lipstick Formulas

Below are just my current personal favorite liquid lipstick formulas from five different cruelty free brands. These are just some that I personally love wearing and are my go to brands for liquid lipsticks. The list counts down to my all time favorite:     5. Colourpop Ultra Satin ($6) VEGAN OPTIONS These are amazing. They … Continue reading Top 5 Favorite Liquid Lipstick Formulas

You Better Work Dupes

The following dupes/alternatives were found prior to the release date of the Jeffree Star Cosmetics "You Better Work" liquid lipstick. I cannot say that these are going to be exact dupes, but I did go off the swatches posted on instagram by @JeffreeStarCosmetics / @MissJazminaD as well as on Jeffree Star's snapchat. So hopefully these … Continue reading You Better Work Dupes

Kylie Cosmetics Bronze Kyshadow Palette Dupes 

I know not everyone can easily afford the palettes from Kylie Cosmetics, so I found the dupes above to help you save about half the cost.  Each palette above is super pigmented and the dupes each have 16 to 26 more shades than the kylie palette. No they're not as convienent in size, but the … Continue reading Kylie Cosmetics Bronze Kyshadow Palette Dupes