How Do I Know If A Brand Is Cruelty Free?

Lately there's been a larger mention about cruelty free brands (Brands that don't test their products / ingredients on animals), but unfortunately not every brand is cruelty free (Note a brand/product can be vegan but not cruelty free, and vise versa). So by now you've probably found products you really love and unfortunately some of... Continue Reading →


Dark Eye with Nude Lip Look

First off... I'm not much of a blue haired typed of person... but it's always nice to change things up and try something new.   PRODUCT DETAILS (All are cruelty free): Erborian BB Cream in "Dore" (It's a super amazing product that just made my skin look more flawless and in a natural way. I... Continue Reading →

How To Color Correct

What is Color Correcting?: Don't know what color correcting is?... If you've been on instagram and have seen videos of girls putting crazy amounts of oranges, greens, pinks, and all those crazy colors all over their face. Well... that's what color correcting is... in a dramatic sense. Color correcting is using different color concealers in... Continue Reading →

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